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Template Documentation

Provides a robust way to specify a reference in the bibliography.


    |id=cf07 |tag=CP07
    |title=On parameterized path and chordless path problems.
    |authors=Y. Chen and J. Flum
    |journal=Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity 2007



Order/Name Description
id (optional) ID to be used to refer to the citation. Defaults to lower-case version of the tag used.
tag Text to be shown for the reference.
title Title of the referenced work.
authors Author or authors of the referenced work.
journal Journal in which the work was published.
srcdetail (optional) Specifies extra details about the source of the work, such as page numbers.

Raw Template

[{{{tag}}}] {{{authors}}}. {{{title}}}, {{{journal}}}, .