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Welcome to the Communication-Complexity Garden, the botanical companion to the Communication-Complexity Zoo. This field guide lists rigorously defined functions.

Gardeners: Florian Speelman and Christian Schaffner

To create a new problem, click on the edit link of the problem before or after the one that you want to add and copy the format, and save.

Table of Contents

2-party functions: Equality - Index -

Uncategorized problems: Index -

The Problems

Discrete Logarithm: Reverse exponentiation
Equality: Are two strings equal?

If Alice has a string and Bob has a string , define EQUALITY(x, y) = 1 if and only if x = y.

Algorithms: ?


Index: What is the bit of x with index i?

Alice has a string , Bob holds input . Define INDEX(x,i)=x_i

Algorithms: ?

Memberships: ∈ NPcoAM.